How many times have you picked up a video box and it looked like the greatest movie...and how many times have you been disappointed with the results? I haven't seen every TG film on the market and frankly I don't think I could. What I'm hoping to do is to recomend some movies that I enjoyed and try to keep you away from the others.

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So here it is...plain and simple!!!

POOR Don't waste your time. Maybe one scene worth watching. If you're lucky

NOT BAD An enjoyable film, but some disappointing scenes. Still worth a look.

GOOD Many really good scenes. An "in between" catagory.

GREAT!! These are, in my humble opinion, the Very Best of T* Movies.

The link will show you what the video box looks like...


Tanya's sent me another one...*smile* This time it's a complilation tape similar to the Wild Queens tapes at the bottom. It has various scenes from other movies, and you'll need to fish through a lot of stuff to find what you want. My favorite scene involves one of the girls as a skater who just won a medal and wants to thank her coach in a very special way..


This is another of those compilation tapes like "Chicks on Dicks" and "Wild Queens". It is a lot shorter than those at only 87 mins. This has some great scenes on it including one of my favorites from "She Male Tour Guide", but at least half of them were taken from
"The She-Male That Stole Christmas" (I think). They're great to watch, but that Christmasy background music was starting to get on my nerves after a while. Worth a look at least.


"This person is a transvestite..a man who is more comfortable wearing girl's clothes." You may recognize that line from the classic
Edward D. Wood Jr movie "Glen or Glenda". The director and writer of this adult film have taken some of the lines word for word from Ed's film. The movie revolves around Glen, a transvestite. But whenever Glen is about to have sex with someone, he becomes Glenda(a completely different GG actress). Don't rent this expecting to see anyone who actually takes transvestism seriously. The T*'s in this film are ugly men with facial hair and look like men in dresses. Glenda is gorgeous tho...the only reason to rent it is to hear how much the dialogue matches the original movie. You'll have more fun with the straight film"Plan 69 From Outer Space"


Mucho thanks to Tanya for this film. This flick has two scenes, but only first one is worth watching. It involves Mr. Bentley who is looking for a little domestic help for his home. He calls an agency and asks for a pretty girl..what he receives is a man. But after a little bargaining, Bentley agrees to let him stay if he can become a beautiful woman. You can guess what happens next. The second scene involves a she-male and a man dressed as her maid. He services her feet and then her,but don't bother with it.


This film had great potential. How many times have you watched Hee Haw (yes, that show so corny that it takes place in a corn field) and thought "would I love to see some of those women naked"? This would be your chance except that it really wasn't worth it. Two people stand up in a really bad set, tell a really bad joke and have sex. That's it. Don't waste your time...


The classic "TV" show is back..(sorry, I couldn't resist). This is basically a Transsexual movie, but I really did enjoy it. Queenie's about to be married to her master, but as she's out, her twin sister(same actress with a black wig..which I think makes her look much hotter) shows up and has sex with him. The best part is when Queenie has to go and have a physical examination to prove she's fit to be married. She pulls some great hocus-pocus to get out of that one. Definitely a worthwhile movie!!!


This was a really neat movie. Imagine the "Maltese Falcon" with sex. A private investigator is hired, after she finishes with her male secretary, to find a statue. The film winds up using interior monologues as she goes and finds the missing article. I enjoyed it!!

This is one of my favorite movies! The girls at the post office are having their salaries and hours cut. But instead of grabbing a gun and going after their supervisor, they decide to start doing "special deliveries". This means that you get a little something extra with your package...*smile* The reason I love it so much is that there isn't a single GG in the whole movie and these girls are gorgeous!! Loads of hardcore sex!! And a snappy musical number....Absoultely worth a rental or two...!!


This movie is a series of unrelated scenes that seem to have been shot back to back with "The Transient" (see below). There is NO sex in this film besides a scene with Sharon Kane and a guy in a hotel room. They must have loved the second scene in this film since it turned up again in "The Transient". This is one of the most unexciting films I have ever watched. Avoid this at ALL costs...


There's no plot to this film, just four scenes with Transsexuals. The second on the tape involves a beautiful T* girl who shows up for a modeling session and the photographer is out of town. His wife (a GG actress) decides to "entertain" her while he's gone. The best is the third one, although it looks like it was done with a hand held video camera. It involves a lady from Mexico(the first 5 mins are the camera man and the actress talking in Spanish while she plays with herself). Then a guy walks in and they go at it..with the three of them still talking to each other. What's great about this scene is that she can still maintain her erection even with fully developed breasts. And she's beautiful!!


I've been renting more and more films like this lately and I guess it's a sign of the times. The films have nothing to do with the title and there's little or no sex in them. This is one such film. The first scene in the film involves a GG actress who calls a judge about a beauty contest and one which she wants to win. The judge arrives and they have sex....and that's it about the contest. The rest of the film is two scenes with Crystal Crawford (which I think I've seen before) where she just sucks the guys and jerks off herself and one with another T* actress who does the same thing. She's very pretty with very fake silicon breasts and the only real reason to see this film.


I was personally very disappointed with this film. I love Loni Brown,but the whole premise as written on the box was that somehow she was a male who became a shemale. It never went into that and just moved on from there. I was confused as soon as I started the film. There are some decent sex scenes and if you like Loni Brown,it may be worth a rental,but for my money..the surprise was that I rented it in the first place


Since the idea of being dressed and tied up is starting to appeal to me, I thought I'd give this movie a shot. What a lousy idea! There is no sex involved and it only has two scenes. The first involves Mistress Jacquline who arrives late to the set, gives everyone a lot of shit and does her thing. They actually set it up as if they're filming a movie. The second scene, which is a little better, involves a mistress and her tied up she-male. It seems the slave exposed herself to a man and is being punished for it. At the end, she looks at the camera and tells us that
she loves it.... Don't bother!!


When I go through the video store and find a box with Karen Dior on the cover, I always wind up renting it..why?? Because I think she's beautiful and I love seeing her in action. Well Boys and Girls, seeing her on the cover does not mean that it's going to be a great movie..this is one example. The plot revolves around a single booth at a bar. The 5 stars (2 TS's, 2 Guys, and a GG) all have sex with each other in various combinations. Karen is in one scene that has nothing to do with the rest of the film and I've seen it before in a different video. Her scene is good and the GG is really hot, but not worth the price of admission....


This movie is a parody of Single White Female (as if you couldn't tell). I never actually saw the original,so maybe something was lost on me. I still really enjoyed this film. Karen Dior stars in it along with Tom Byron, who I never thought I'd see in a TG flick. The renter of this apartment is looking for a roomate and Karen shows up. She manages to break up the relationship between Tom and Sharon Kane and there's a neat twist ending. There are 2 straight scenes mixed in with 2 TG scenes. Worth a look...


Most of the films that I review star Transvestites and I have stated before that I like my T*'s with no real breasts, but this is an exception. The movie is strung together with links by Nicollette Lee(she's on the cover) and it talks about 4 different transsexual adventures. Only the first and last scenes are worth it. The first involves Kelly Michaels(also on the cover) and Chris Dano having sex in the kitchen. Then a fem/dom scene and one with a GG and a dildo(disappointing). The last is Nicollette again with two guys. The best part of this film is that is doesn't have any of that annoying music that seems to be in every adult film. I really liked that..


This is an excellent movie! The rating is not quite a 4, but the annoying factors don't distract from the fact that it's a great film. It involves activities at Tranny A Go-Go..a club for chicks with dicks supposedly set in the late 60's a la Austin Powers. I suggest that when you pop the tape into your VCR, that you fast forward for a good 5 minutes. There are WAY too many ads here and the first scene is really awful. The rest of the movie has a bunch of really good scenes: My favorite is the 4th scene. A GG dancer removes a dildo from her panties(don't ask me how) and is caught by the owner. She calls in Tony (a white guy in a really bad afro wig) and tells him. "Come over here and show go go whore a little of what you give baby. Go Crazy Man!" This is supposed to be the language of the late 1960's?? Also, everything is "wiggy", whatever that means. Anyway, Tony whips out his dick and as she sucks him, we see that the GG is wearing braces...I guess that's one way to pay your othodonist. *smile* After the film is over, Chi Chi (the director) decides to show up some bloopers over the credits. My favorite: One of the girls is riding a guy and she says... "These earrings are killing me." A fun movie and, if you can get past the dialog and first scene, is worth the rental.


The rating that I'm giving this movie is a little generous...It involves the nocturnal activities of three vampires who hang out at this bar looking for their next meal. Each one takes a guy home, has sex with him and then bites their neck. The sex scenes are ok, but the reason it got a better rating is that there are other things that make the movie worth watching. There's lots of blood and some really great lines. To kill the vampire, the bartender holds up the typical items..a cross (which she tells him only works in the movies) and some garlic (which she eats). After he finds their lair(a condo.. not a castle) he says that she can't go outside in the daytime. She puts on a pair of sunglasses and tells him that he's been watching too many vampire movies. My suggestion is to forward to the second sex scene and then to the end.
It's a pretty funny movie but don't expect to get off on it...


This movie seems to have been shot back to back with "She Male Lust" (see above) This movie is 4 scenes in which there is NO sex..except for one with Sharon Kane as a hotel manager and a drunk guy who was sleeping in the hallway. This is the only decent scene and the only one with any dialogue...including Ooos and Ahhhs!! I had a headache from the first scene when the director decided to film a good 2-3 minutes UPSIDE-DOWN. There were then unrelated shots of a stocking top and garter, and then a shoe while the guy was cumming. They thought the second scene was so good, that they put it in "Lust" as well. I guess they called it the Transient 'cause it should be rode out of town on a rail and never allowed back! This movie was just SO BAD!! Avoid this at ALL costs!!!


This film is a parody of the movie "Pleasantville". Karen Dior stars as Dr. Ward Reed. After having sex with his wife (a post-op TS, I think), she gets a call saying that her parents are fighting and she has to leave for a few days. Ward takes the opportunity to becomes his "sister", using her undergarments, and has sex with his partner at the hospital and the milk man. After sex with his partner, everything turns from B&W to color and the 50's style music becomes the usual porn music stuff. There's complications as Ward heads back to the hospital to find more people "colorized". It's a very cute film, but I kept dozing off during a lot of the oral action, which goes on for too long.


Karen Dior has started to try her hand at directing as well as starring. She directed(and stared) in my favorite T* movie, She-Mail. Her latest effort "Transparent" is fun to watch but is not an exciting movie. It starts off with a scientist (Kimberley DeVine),who after having sex with her partner/boyfriend, discovers a formula for making herself invisible. But,lo and behold...she never came up with an antidote. She proceeds to spend the rest of the film looking for her friend (Sharon Kane) to help. There are two decent scenes, but my favorite is watching Sharon try to have sex with an "invisible" Kimberley. Watching her suck air and moan when no one is with her is actually more funny than erotic. Kimberley asks: "Doesn't anyone do anything but fuck all the time?"


This movie is nothing but trouble. I picked it up because I read a review of it that said there was a real live F to M Transsexual in it and he actually has sex. Well,he does..but it's not worth sitting through the entire film. It all revolves around an interviewer who has a talk with a psychiatrist about the Boner family. There's various sexual acts with the Mother (a M to F TS) and the daughter, climaxing with the
Father (a F to M TS) but it's really kind of boring.


There are three scenes in this film and they're all pretty good. The first involves a gentleman who answers a help wanted ad from Crystal Crawford for "TV Parties Tonight" and she proceeds to test out his abilities. Then Karen Dior joins Sharon Kane and her husband in a nice threesome and finally Aja Devore gives a sample of her "work" with a guy looking for entertainment for a bachelor party.
I really like this video a lot better than some of the ones I've seen recently.


From the video box: "A full-length film featuring two transvestites who go out on the town. Their goal: to pick up men and go to bed with them...This film takes you through a memorable night- from getting dressed, club hopping, getting picked up and taken to dinner and finally each is taken to bed..." This doesn't really amount to much. Yes, we see them get dressed (a very long sequence), going to a club where they are the only two women in there, a suggestive dinner where the best part is watching them eat banannas and cream donuts. Finally, one girl takes her man home. They kiss...he picks her up in his arms and carries her to the bedroom...he closes the door...fade out...The End! I was disappointed...


There are actually about 50 or so Wild Queens tapes and I've seen about 12-15 of them.(This will change as this page is updated..ed) I suggest that you check out the back of the box and see if any of the scenes actually appeal to your tastes. You can't always tell by that though and there's a lot of things on all of these tapes that you can just fast forward through. This particular tape has Karen Dior on it and that's why I picked it up. I did enjoy it but as I said before, be prepared to fast forward a bit until you find what you like.


This is the best video that I have seen in this series!!! Usually, as I said before, you have to fish through a lot of stuff to get to the good scenes, but this one is great from start to finish!! Highlights include a terrific scene between Aja Devore (who has a small part in She-Mail)
and Rick Van (Karen Dior's male alterego)