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This is the third page where I talk about my life and what's happening. These days, people call that a blog...but I'm a bit old fashioned, so this is just my life. Hope you enjoy reading these.

January 11, 2007

Since many of you are probably reading this for the first time, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am 41 years old and happily married to a wonderful woman (GG) whom I love very much. We have a young son, who is 3...and will be 4 if I let him. My wife does know about Diana and even though she doesn't like the fact that I dress up, she accepts it and lets me do it 'cause it makes me happy. If you ever find a woman like that, hang on to her as long as you can. They are a very rare breed.

That being said, since I have been unemployed (starting in November), I have had a lot more time to play dress-up and give Diana some exposure. Most of that, being confined to either my house or out on my back deck (or the nights I get to go out to Bounce Night Club). Well, today I decided to bite the bullet and take Diana in to the world in the daytime. I'm very glad that I did. I started out at the consignment shop owned by a friend of mine. She has seen me as my male self, but never as Diana. Well, she nearly had a heart attack when I walked in. She said, she recognized the face but had to take a step back to figure out who it was. She spent the next few minutes telling me what a nice job I did on my makeup and hair and clothes. I went in and tried on a few things and wound up buying a really cute outfit (skirt, top and belt) for $20...exactly what I had budgeted. She took a picture for me and then I was off. I drove down to a small Vanity Fair outlet store and wandered around for a while. Wound up buying another black bra for about $4.99 and asked the cashier to take my picture for me. She seemed a little confused as to why, but was nice enough to do it for me anyway. Next, was the Goodwill store. After talking to some of the girls in the chat room about wedding gowns, I thought I'd take a chance and see if there were some I could try on. So, here I am, fumbling through the rack trying to find one that I like..when a lady walks over. "Oh, that's beautiful. How about trying this one too?" Although my favorite line concerned another dress that I was sure would be too small...she says "You have to take your clothes off anyway, try it on." So I did. She also told me that there was another Goodwill in Cherry Hill and I might want to go there to look at gowns too (maybe another day..*smile*) I was able to get the first one zippered up, but it was a little big. The really cute was, as I suspected, was too small. I took a few pictures in the dressing room, removed the gowns and left. I drove home, putting my things away and got changed back. It was a very eventful day and one I hope I can do again. Next time, I need to bring someone with me for pictures...any volunteers??

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March 7, 2007

Today was an interesting day in the chatroom. As many of you know, I spend (way too much) time in the TG Chat (and if you haven't been there, it's a nice place to hang out. Just treat the girls respectfully!!). We were having a discussion on relationships and dressing when one of the girls said that if her boyfriend dressed, she would leave him. I stopped for a minute after that. This was a TG girl (granted, I don't know her situation) and she wouldn't date a crossdresser. This caused a bit of a stir in the ranks and I asked her why. She didn't really have an answer...except that she wants a manly guy and that would be a turnoff. Anyway...another girl, who is post-op, came in and I posed the question to her. She had a wonderful answer!! She said, she wouldn't leave him, but wouldn't want to see it and would put major restrictions on him. And that she wouldn't want to go through what her wife went through. That got me to thinking: I probably have it pretty good. My wife is a wonderful, caring person and I dropped this bombshell on her 6 years ago. I have certain restrictions on my girl I ok with it? At times, I guess I am. I am upset, though at the fact that in less than 30 days, Diana will disappear from view until the fall. But is something like that worth leaving her for? Of course not!! It just makes me realize that I am extremely lucky to have her in my life and lucky that Diana is around for the time that she is. I could be like some girls who's spouses won't even let them dress and throw all their clothes out. Anyway...I'm beginning to ramble a bit and will probably go in at some point and correct (or delete) this entry 'cause it's really not going anywhere. I think I'll just wait until I can get out again and write about that stuff...

March 10, 2007

Remember when I said, I'd just wait until I got out and write about that...well, yesterday was that day. *smile* I had a free day to myself, so I decided that I would take full advantage of it. After renting my hotel room (since my wife doesn't like me sneaking out of the house dressed during the day), got changed and headed out. My first stop was the Franklin Mills Mall outside of Philly. If you've never been there, the place is huge! My wife actually bought some stockings instead of knee highs at one of the outlet stores, so I said I would return them. I thought I remembered where the store was and parked my car at one of the entrances...well, of course, I picked the wrong one and had to walk the entire length of the mall to get where I was going. It was nerve wracking, but mostly my feet were killing me by the time I got there. The lady at the store was very nice and while I was there, picked up two bras (buy one- get one 50% off sale) and another package of stockings for well as the knee highs my wife was looking for. She was also nice enough to take a few pictures for me. Figuring that I was already out dressed, I did what any other girl would go...kept shopping!! *smile* My next stop was a shoe outlet store in the mall, where I tried on some really nice stuff...but still out of my price range. I did the self portrait/mirror picture for that. I walked back and had to still stop a few times to rest my weary feet...but, I did try something silly. I walked into one of those maternity stores and asked if I could see what I would look like pregnant..I took the small pillow (for 3 months) and tried it...I think I look more fat than pregnant, but she was also nice enough to take a pic or two for me. I got back in my car, elated from the experience, and started driving back to NJ. On the way home, I stopped at my favorite Goodwill store and tried on another wedding gown. (This is where it gets funny) I tried it on and it fit...except that I couldn't zipper it over my big deal. I peaked my head out the dressing room door and found another customer who I asked to take a few pictures for me...under the pretense that I was showing the beadwork on the gown to my friend. She was kind enough to take all the pictures I needed..making sure that we could see the beading and that the pictures were to my approval. By that time, I was getting a headache from not eating. I drove across down to a food store that has an eating area upstairs. I had brought my laptop with me (and I spoke to some of you then), plugged it in and hung out for 1/2 hour. Unfortunately, the place was incredibly crowded and I'm sure I got read quicker than a cheap paperback novel. The final place was my local wig shop. She had sold me my stuff but never saw me all dressed. She thought I looked really nice. I took a few minutes ('cause she had to leave early) and tried on three new I really liked. We took a few pictures, but I didn't like the way they turned you'll never see them here. I went back to the hotel, got changed and drove home. After dinner with some friends, I went back to the hotel, got dressed again and headed out to Bounce . I thought I might be meeting up with someone from our Yahoo Group but he never showed up...and the place was dead...I managed to take a picture of my outfit in the bathroom (shows you what kind of night it was) and drove back to get changed. Going out and doing normal girl stuff during the day is becoming SO exciting! Almost like a drug! I have noticed, for those of you thinking about doing it, that even if you get read no one says anything. I'm sure that the girls in the maternity store were laughing at me after I left, no one said anything while I was there. They treated me like any other customer. Everyone in the shoe store did their thing and didn't pay any specific attention to me. The ladies in the outlet store were incredibly helpful and assisted me in finding the bras that I needed... even letting me try them on to make sure they would work for me. It was a fun fun time. I might be able to get one more time in before having to stop for the least I hope so.

November 9, 2007

Phew!! It's been a long halloween season but I'm glad it's over. For the past two months (which feels like it was years) I was working for a Halloween store. Before you ask, yes, I did find the time to play with the costumes..*giggle* The job wasn't bad, just very long and exhausting. The business is very intensive for a very short time and it's draining. Anyway, the real reason I'm writting today is to tell you about Halloween day. I decided to get dressed up and go into work. My wife wasn't very happy about it, but I really didn't was actually the first time that I really didn't care. Anyway, I started out with a cheerleaders outfit that I've had for some time. Everyone was very very impressed with my makeup job..even though I told them that my wife helped..*giggle*. After a while, the outfit got very warm so I changed into a BatGirl outfit that was used for marketing in the store. I bought that on November 1st for about $5.. So I hung out in the BatGirl outfit, freaking people out all day. It was so much fun. When the store closed, then I really got to play. I tried on just about every costume in the store. Unfortunately, only two looked good on me (I'll post them soon). One was a cat outfit and the other was a stewardess dress (which I did buy). It was great...kind of sorry that Halloween only comes once a year...of course, I will be going out again as soon as I get a free moment.

October 5, 2009

Yes...this is 2009.'s been two years since I've written anything down. I've been busy..*smile*
Not much has really happened in the last two years that was worthy of any notice. I've gone through 3 jobs since my last writing and have been out a handful of times since. The reason that I decided to write today is that I just had a FANTASTIC weekend at a film convention in Ohio. You may well ask "What in the world does a film convention have to do with dressing?" A fine question, thank you. It was an opportunity to get out and give Diana a bit of breathing room. After driving 7 1/2 hours and spending another 6 hours going through the convention floor and watching painfully bad movies (that I HIGHLY recommend), I decided that I would dress up for the evening. Well, that was the last time I wore a pair of men's clothes until I left on Sunday morning. The best part was that no one paid very much attention to me...good or bad. One lady mentioned how much she liked my shoes and a singer in one of the bands told me that I looked really good...I have to remember to ask them what I can do to look better next time that happens. (That's a rant for another time) But the best part was Saturday night. I had just finished watching the "A Gastly Ghoul Night at the Movies" show and decided that since I had to leave before 8AM, I would head back to my room. So I took my tired legs with my painful shoes and hiked across the parking lot to the hotel room. As I stopped to fix my shoe, I heard a "WOW!" behind me. I turned around and this very nice looking gentleman was walking up to me. He apologized for starling me and we talked for a few moments. He then asked very politely if he could pick me up. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face..*smile* He said that he had noticed my legs while sitting at the show and thought that I looked very pretty. I politely told him that I couldn't, since I had to get some sleep before I left the next morning. I always find it amazing that guys come up to me at the worst possible times to try to pick me up. Anyway, I'm not sure if he realized that I was a guy (although, I'm sure he did) but I never like to take the chance on being with someone who might not know. Being at a bar on drag night is one thing...but being hit on in front of a Super 8 Motel in Strongsville Ohio at a film convention is something entirely different. But it is nice to be thought of, right? Maybe another time, I guess.

Since I brought up the subject...When I was at the convention, as I said, one of the singers in the band that was there came up to me and told me that I looked really good. I took it as a compliment, which it was, but that got me to thinking later. Obviously, she knew I was a guy...girls don't go up to other girls they don't know and tell them how good they look, right? I would love to have had the forethought to say to her "Thank you..but what gave me away? What told you that I wasn't a real girl?" I wouldn't want to put someone on the spot and embarrass them, but it would be nice to figure out what I can do to make myself more feminine. That is the idea, right? One of the guys on stage called the "girls" in the audience TRANNIES and I was sort of offended by that. I'm not a tranny...that has a pretty negative connotation. I'm just trying to look as good as I can when I go out and hope that I pass. That's it..and any suggestions from GGs who think I look good would be greatly appreciated..even if I can't pluck my eyebrows or get rid of my Adam's apple.

January 29, 2010

I'm not getting out as much as I had been years's kind of sad, really. Today, I did take a day off of work and decided to go out and play a bit. I won't give you the full story, but I mustered up the courage to head out to my local Hooters wearing a uniform that I had bought off ebay quite a while ago. When I walked in (I went at 11:15 so that it would be pretty empty), all the girls were sitting at a table talking. I slowly walked over and, while unbuttoning my coat, asked if they would take a few pictures for me. When the saw the uniform, some smiled and one girl gave me a OMG! The girls stood next to me and they snapped a few shots, some of me alone sitting and a few of me standing up. The girls even used their cell phones to take I know that I'm going to wind up on someone's facebook page. The only bad part was that the manager walked over..asked what's all this about and told me, with a wave of this hand, that I had to leave because I was making some of the people uncomfortable. I embarrassingly grabed my coat and purse and headed out the door, saying that I was sorry. This really put a bit of a damper on my day. Until, a few hours later, I decided to head over to a local "Romantic Video" store near the house. By this time, I had changed into a jeans skirt and sweater. When I walked in, the owner was as nice as can be. He told me that he: loved Redheads, loved girls with glasses, loved my legs and loved my ass. I do think he was really hitting on me. It made me feel so much better about myself. I did buy a new toy for myself while I was there. The place is very friendly and if you email me, I'll let you know where it is. Later in the evening, and the reason for the day out in the first place, was that a Yahoo group that I run was having a small social gathering. Only one other person showed up...*smile* We did talk for 4 hours (on guy that I know did show up, but left a short time later) about everything from what we do to why we do what we do. It was really a nice evening..and as I write this, she left about 15 minutes ago and I'm just about to pass out in front of my I'm signing off. Not sure when the next time I'll be out again is..or if I can even swing one more before the season ends.