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April 4 '99

Spent another fun, if uneventful night out last night in New York. It was a really small group this time.. just Suzi, Eve and Myself. Eve drove into the city and with that experience, now know the meaning of agressive driving. This was the first time I have ever worn a seat belt in the back seat of a car..*smile* Although, better her than me. I would have been a mess. We started out with dinner at Ecco I'talia, where we went last time and again, the food was wonderful. I was supposed to meet a very old(in time known, not age..*smile*) and dear GG friend of mine but plans kind of got messed up somewhere. We sat and talked for a long time before going to Karalyn's. I found a great seat at the bar and parked myself there for most of the night. I chatted with a few very nice men there but nothing more really happened. We left about 4AM (with the change to daylight savings time) and headed back to the hotel for more "Too late at night" pictures... can't wait to see if they turn out ok...then off to bed. This outing marks the end of another season for me so unless some of the girls can drag me kicking and screaming to another outing. I'll be seeing everyone in September.

October 3 '99

It took long enough, but I'm back. Thanks to the wonderful planning of our dear PattyAnn, another trip to NYC was set up for this weekend. I showed up at least an hour later than I wanted to to the hotel and Patty, Suzi and Jgrll(Ca.) had gone out for some food and weren't even there waiting for me. Not the best way to start a weekend of fun..*smile* Anyway, once they showed up, we went to the room and got dressed to head to Club Insomnia in Rutherford NJ. It's a small club in the middle of a little town. On Friday nights, we share the club with some Goth kids. In case you don't know what goth is..imagine a 90's version of punk and you've got it. So, the club is dark, noisy(with rotten music) and you couldn't see through the smoke. It was nice to meet some of the girls of them even asked Patty if I was a GG...*giggle* So we left and becuase I hadn't eaten and had a really bad headache, I went back to the hotel to sleep. While walking back, some guy at a phone booth told me how nice I looked. Wonder if he knew... So, Patty, Suzi and Jgrll wound up at McDonald's for dinner. Guess I didn't miss much..*smile* Saturday was our normal shopping trip in the city. Eve showed up that morning so it was 7 of us... Suzi, Patty(both dressed), Jgrl, Bobbie Joe(Ca), Eve and myself(not dressed) We started at Lee's Mardi Gras(a great place) and then to Patricia Fields. I found the most wonderful Santa outfit, but it was a bit too much money. I was actually hoping I could find something similar for Chanukah..*smile* and besides a possible fight that could have occured over a cab (it's NYC, don't ask...) the afternoon was uneventful. We went back to the room at about 3:00 and started to get ready for dinner and Karalyn's. There were 10 of us as Jez(ME), Jack and Vicki(NY) joined us. Since this is NYC, something odd just had to happen..and it did. A religious fanatic told us that we should all repent 'cause the messiah is coming. A very old and dear friend of mine once told me he's sure aliens have landed on our planet and are living in New York. Sometimes, I think he's right..*smile* So we get to dinner and then head to Karalyn's. I spent most of the night chatting with Toni Ann (who was not dressed..she's a friend of Ginger's) Not much else happened and we headed back about 2:30am. Next morning, we got up, found out our cars had been moved because of a parade, took me about 30-45mins to find it, couldn't find my way back to the tunnel... hey, it's NYC! You have to expect that sort of stuff. I did have a wonderful time with all the girls and that's really what matters!!!! Oh, and pictures should be coming fairly soon.

November 16 '99

We spent another fun evening at the Cartwheel in wonderful New Hope,PA last night. But it was cold!! Now, we all know there's nothing better than walking around in a really short skirt; but that's no fun when it's 30 something degrees outside. BRRR!! I arrived at the room to find our gals Suzi and Patty and Heather, who I haven't seen quite sometime. Suzi and Heather went off while Patty finished getting dressed and I got myself together. Eve showed up in the room for a bit before she left herself. We went for a wonderful dinner at the Raven (HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!) and ran into some other old friends including Janice, who I haven't seen in almost two years. She took that great picture of me in front of the car, fixing my shoe. While we were eating (and I had escaped to the restroom) one of our favorite gals showed a GUY!! I won't tell you who it was..*smile* Anyway, we all talked for a while and then headed over to the Cartwheel. It wasn't a really crowded night (fine with me) and so we all had a chance to chat. Patty and Heather did the drag show and Patty came in first runner up!!! As she said "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride." *smile* It was really an uneventful night, but was wonderful getting to see everyone again. We really have to do this more often...

December 7 '99

Funny thing happened today..not really sure how to handle it. I came home from work and upon opening the mail I found a flyer for catalogs. Not very unusual...I had been receiving these flyers for a while and usually just throw them away. I had cancelled my subscription to their magazine quite a long time ago. Thought they were getting too much like every other adult magazine out there. Too many Post-Op ladies having lesbian sex and that sort of stuff. Anyway, I opened the latest flyer and found, in one of the advertisements, one of my pictures!! Part of me is flattered that they would choose me for their mag. Another part of me is upset 'cause I never authorized them to use one of my pictures. I'm worried, as always, of someone who isn't a T* coming across my picture and realizing that it's me. If anyone gave them my photos(this one was on my website already) please let me know. To hopefully solve the matter I put up a notice that all the pictures on the site are my property and they are not to be used unless I say it's ok. Hate to do that but I would like to get some kind of credit for my work. Can't have people going around taking my pictures and making money off them. I'm going to talk to someone to see what I can do about this..if anything at all. Would hate to have to take down the site, but if it comes to la vie!!! (I was never good at French...*smile*)

January 14 '00

Welcome to the new year!!! We had our first outing of the Year 2000 at the (old reliable) Cartwheel in New Hope. Was still a lot of fun! Started off driving up to the hotel and passed Suzi's truck on the way at the I stopped in. Sitting there with her was Electra(in drab) and we talked for a while until she had to leave. Suzi and I caught up and then left together. Now I'm sure that the two guys who saw me give her back the room key thought that I was gettin' lucky!! Little did they know...*smile* Went back to the room, got dressed and met everybody again at the Raven. When I arrived, a foreign gentleman gently squeezed my arm and asked me if that was my real butt.... It takes all kinds, I suppose. The group was; Suzi, me, Patty and her BF(Jesse), Ginger, Eve, Electra and Michelle(NY). We had a nice dinner(even though this time we had to pay the $20 minimum per person...) and headed to the Cart. I went with Ginger to the local Giant Supermarket to get some new powder. As we left, we could hear them laughing. Ginger, of course, said that they had no reason to laugh 'cause we were definitely better looking then they were.*smile* Leave it to Ginger... Made it to the Cartwheel and hung out with Jack for a while when Melissa showed up. She just moved from PA to NJ so we had tons to chat about...*smile* The night ended and we went back to the room and Michelle was nice enough to give me her short blond wig to play with. We took a few pics then Michelle left and I went to bed. It was another fun night with great company and wonderful conversation. Can't wait till the next one...
On another note, I sent a letter to the company in England that was using my pics. I still never heard back from them and it's been a good couple of weeks. I got another brochure from the company and this time, there were no pictures. Just the title of the magazine. I think I scared them, but they're not going to do anything about it. If any of the gals from across the pond read this and would be interested in assisting, please e-mail me and I'll give you a copy of my letter and the address in which to mail it. A thousand thanks in advance...*smile*

February 19 '00

After a while, you start to feel nostalgic about places you haven't been to in a long time. Well, that's how I felt a few weeks ago(2/11/00) at Connextions, a club in Boonton NJ. This was the place where the girls dragged me on my very first outing in March of '98. I had spoken to Jenny(NJ) for a few weeks and we set it up so that I would head there and go to the club. Asside from finding a really crappy motel with bad bad bad lighting, and not being able to find her house; it was a fun time. We sat and watched television for a while until the club opened and then headed over. There, we met Crissy and her friend (who's name I can't remember), Danielle and Heather. It was mostly small talk and drinks and Jenny and I left kind of early. Was uneventful, but still it's great to be able to get out under any circumstances. On the way home, I decided to pay someone a surprise I got off at the Rt. 22 exit and stopped in to see Ginger at her shop. It was great to see her and it wasn't too busy so we had a chance to chat. Sue(NJ) also popped in for a little while. The best part(and hold on to your hats, gals) is that I actually bought some stuff there. REALLY!! Your frugal gal bought a black zipper dress and a new pair of black shoes. Now I just have to find a chance to go out and wear them... There's always next time....*smile*

March 10 '00

It's 2:30AM and I wanted to write some of this down before I forgot..or fell asleep. This evening was the very first outing at a place called Shampoo. It's located in Philly...don't ask me where. Instead of having to change in a hotel, I was invited to dress at Melissa's house. She lives in the next town over from me. Anyway, I showed up and got dressed there and we talked for a bit before heading out to the club. We arrived a bit early but at the same time as Patty and Jesse. While standing in line, Ginger shows up and two new gals; Janice(PA) and Rhonda. We finally got in and the place was spectacular. It's the largest club I've ever been in. Shampoo is a converted warehouse that someone made into a club. It has 3 floors and tons of room for dancing and best of all...Places to sit down and rest. Oh, I loved that!!! We spent most of the night walking through the club and chatting! It was great fun!! I got back to Melissa's and headed home, but stopped first for a small bite to eat. I walked into the local Wawa food market (for those of you who don't know, Wawa is like a 7-11) and got myself a koffee cake and chocolate milk. The guy behind the counter was really nice. After I asked how he was doing, he asked if I was going out for a night of partying. I told him that I had just finished and I'm not as young as I used to be..*smile* That was nice! I don't know if he went to his friend and said something, but it was still sweet that he took the time to say something to me. So many times you go someplace and no one even says hi to you. It's like they're afraid of you 'cause you're wearing a dress. Anyway, I had a wonderful time and a thousand thank yous to Melissa for giving me a place to dress. HUGS!!!

April 10 '00

Another night at the Cartwheel. I was all psyched to finally do the drag show. But, the powers that be were definitely against me so I decided not to. First: It took me forever to find the items I needed. They were available earlier, but I never bothered to buy them. Of course, when I did buy them they were twice as much. Second: one item almost didn't arrive in time. Third: I bought some stockings to wear with it, and immediately got a run in them. *ugh* Fourth: I put a second run in the same stocking at the bar of the cartwheel. *ugh again* Fifth: When I got home and took the bustier off, I found a big rip on the right side. It's probably unwearable now. Maybe I'll try again if I can get the thing fixed. I managed to take two pictures before it got destroyed. The first one and the second one . Anyway, I did go to the Cartwheel and thought it was going to be the usual group. Well, Ginger was there, but no one else. About an hour or so into the night Eileen shows up. WOW!! She never comes out with us. It was great to finally see her and Christy from PA. We (Eileen, Jim, Christy and I) hung out for a while, played pool and generally had a really good time. As I said, it was great to see her and she's a really fun person. We took a ton of pics and I'm hoping to catch up with them again.

Just to let everyone know; I'm going to be starting my annual hibernation in the next few days. Every April, Diana goes away for a while and returns bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in late September. I may be dragged out for another outing or two in between, but for the most part this will be it. But, I'm still answering my e-mails and chatting...I hope.

October 15 '00

First, I have to apologize to everyone. I have been extremely lax in keeping up my site. The motivation has not been there and I'm sorry.
Now..since I have been so lax, there have been three outings since I rejoined the girls. The first one was to the Cartwheel in New Hope in the summer. We had a nice crowd. Larry (someone else that Suzi knows..*smile*) came in with some others from Toronto and it was the first outing of our new friend Jacqui. She is the webmistress of a wonderful website called . Definitely check it out. I wore a very tight spandex outfit. I didn't like the way I looked or the way my pics turned you won't see any here. Speaking of which, I bought myself a new digital camera. It's a little Polaroid. Not great, but I can take more pics with it. The problem is that the flash doesn't seem to be strong enough for the pictures. I'll work with it for a while and then buy a new one when the price goes down. outing was again at the Cartwheel in September. Again..a really nice time. We didn't have a large crowd. Suzi, Jacqui, Me and another girl who's name I can't remember..sorry..*smile* We did the usual stuff. There are pictures, but I haven't gotten them up yet.
The one that I really want to talk about was the latest trip to NYC October 6-8. Suzi sent out numerous e-mails (as she usually does) but she got no response from most of the girls. The only people who showed up were her and I. We arrived Friday morning, walked around the city, got dressed and headed for the village. I neglected to tell you, though, that the hotel we stayed at was deep in Manhattan...across the street from Madison Square Garden. Not the best place for two girls to hang out..*smile* While heading into the cab, there was a guy who asked if we both wanted to go back to his place for some fun. Wonder if he knew..*smile* Anyway, we went to our favorite Italian restaurant and then walked around the village. We started at The Stonewall (not much going on) then walked over to The Monster. This place is fantastic! It's well lit *smile* and really nice people. A guy came right over to us, started talking and didn't stop for 3 hours. And I don't remember anything he said..but it was very nice. They have a piano bar also, which was wonderful! I got hit on by two guys (at the same time)..Ah..ego boost!! *smile* The next night, we wound up at Karalyn's. Ray and Gary (two girls, who weren't dressed) showed up and the four of us talked all night. It was great. I love going to NYC and now that there's another place to go, I'm hoping to go more often. I have pictures to show and will hopefully have them in very very soon. *smile*

February 7 '01

Hello and a belated happy new year to everyone. It's been quite a while since I've written anything down here..but I haven't really had much to say. The most important thing in my life is that I got married to a wonderful, beautiful GG in December. Before you start asking questions; Yes, she knows all about Diana, but has never seen her. Nor will I ever let her. It's one of those things that I want to keep secret in my life. She doesn't like the fact that Diana exists, but she won't stop me from going out. And I appreciate that. The frequency of my outings may change a little and that's partly the reason why I haven't updated the site in a long time. I thought about whether or not I should mention it here..and I decided that it was time.

Anyway..on to some fun stuff! Went out with the girls last month to our old standby: The Cartwheel in New Hope, PA. It was great to see people who I haven't seen in a very very very long time. Especially Don!! He is the wonderful man who took all the early pics for me that you see on my site. He dropped off the face of the earth and mysteriously appeared that night. Hopefully, he won't drop off again. Jim(NJ) was there also, along with Shelly, Electra, our gals Suzi(NJ) and Jacqui (check out her site BTW if you haven't ) and I'm sure some other girls whose names I don't remember...sorry..*smile* Anyway, the highlight of the evening was that I found out it's really difficult dancing in heels. I was sitting at the bar talking to this guy (who was smitten with me, I think. Although, I gave him my business card and he never wrote me an e-mail. Well, you find out what guys are into sometimes, I guess...) and he asked me to dance. Now, I have about as much rhythem as I do spelling ablilty, but I did it anyway. He had his hands all over my legs and my stomach and hung on to the bottom of my dress. He also grinded his cock into the crack of my ass. Believe it or not, it was pretty wonderful..*smile* I was going through a bit of lack of self esteem and he cured that. I sort of regret that I wasn't able to go back to the room with him and show my appreciation, but as I said earlier; I am married to a wonderful GG who I love very very much. Maybe I'll get to dance again soon... (I'll have the pics up for that and maybe some older ones soon. Don't have as much free time to get my site together as I used to...*smile*)

March 4 '01

Hello everyone from cold and yucky New Jersey. I have sort of mixed feelings about this time of the year. I'm happy 'cause I get to dress up and go out and see all you wonderful people. But I'm sad 'cause I know Spring will mean Diana's hibernation for another season. Oh well..just have to enjoy it when I can.
And speaking of enjoying it, about two weeks ago I went to a fantastic party up in North/Central Jersey for Valentine's Day. I found out about it from Jacqui and Suzi so I knew it would be a fun time. The party was held at this little place that spends it's real life as a swingers club. Imagine a group of we girls in a place like that..*smile* Anyway, it was a party by invite only and it was all girls there. I felt extremely comfortable! And I've never danced so much in heels in my entire life. There were pictures taken and if anyone has some, I would love a copy. We danced and drank and talked. I finally met Suzi's wife too. That was interesting. During their discussions about Suzi's existance, my name came up...the first words that her wife said to me were "So you're Diana??" I figured I was in for it...*smile* But she was really really nice and it was great talking to her. We also had a small celebration for Jacqui's __ birthday (you fill in the numbers..*smile*). Her GF (who is also wonderful!!) got a cake and everyone had some. Good thing I danced it all off.. During the night, I also met the man who is co-owner of the club. He was really sweet. Told me that I was one of the best looking girls there...he still said it after I told him I was married..*smile* Anyway, we talked a bit and he took me on a guided tour of the club. He said to me "I'm only doing this because I know you're married.." Good thing for him that I was!! Anyway, got back home (thanks again Melissa for driving...) after 2:00 and didn't get home to sleep until after 3:00. Good thing I had President's Day off.
The pictures are also up. Figured that for a change I'd not wait 3 months to do it. I did decide to bag the NYC pics. There weren't that many and mine didn't come out that good...
On another great note, I have finally broken down and bought a brand new (for me anyway) Digital Camera. Can't wait to try it out...

March 31 '01

What a difference a DAY can make..*smile* The girls had planned to meet in New Hope for another night at the Cartwheel. This time, though, things were a bit different. I took a 1/2 vacation day and arrived at the hotel about 1:15. Suzi was already in the midst of getting ready. She had brought a pair of jeans that I could use for my first day outing since October '99. Was such a blast. We went to this really neat art gallery which had paintings by Rock and Roll artists...Lennon, Jerry Garcia, Dylan, members of the Stones..very cool. Suzi also knew the owner so she chatted for a while. After we left, Suzi decided that she really needed a cup of coffee. Instead of heading to a small out of the way coffee shop, she wanted to go to Starbucks on the busiest corner in all of New Hope. Got stared at a lot but I didn't care. You need to remember that Suzi is invincible. She can go anywhere, at any time and with any one. We headed back to the hotel where Jacqui was waiting and then went to the Raven for drinks. Patty showed up..and I was SO glad to see her. I've actually missed her...*smile* After a few drinks, we headed back to the hotel to get changed for the evenings events. Had a few drinks at the Raven (where someone there grabbed one of my breasts. Didn't bother me, since they're not really attached..*smile*). At the Cartwheel, Patty decided that she was going to do the show. She convinced me that I should do it as well. I'd been thinking about it and actually wore the outfit to the Cartwheel a while ago, but I just didn't have the guts to do it. I needed a bit of moral support, I guess..*smile* Anyway, I lipsynched to "I'm Tired" from the movie "Blazing Saddles". If you haven't seen the film...DO IT! It is one of the greatest films of the 70's! Anyway, I was a bit embarrassed because I could feel that my breasts were slipping as I did the show. But there wasn't anything I could do about it. Also, I thought I heard some people laughing as I was performing, but I can't be sure. It was interesting hanging out with the drag queens. It's a totally different outlook on things than T* girls. They all wind up doing the same 5 or 6 songs. They were actually practicing in the back while other girls were performing. Most of them also don't say 5 words to you. I started to strike up a conversation with one, (and she was very very nice..and won too) but that was it. I already told Ginger (who's been bitching about doing it for longer than I have) that we would do something together in the fall after Diana's hibernation. Now just have to figure out what to do..this time, though, I am absolutely wearing more clothes than last time....

October 13 '01 I sit, about a week later, finally having time to write down the events of our last adventure. Being married, it does make it difficult to find the time or the ability to update this site. But enough of that. Here goes!! On Sunday, October 7th another party was held by Lisa at the club in North Jersey. Each time I go, I have a better and better time! Thanks gal!! Melissa and I rented a hotel room to get dressed and drove up en femme to the party. I had found this wonderful little black sequined dress that goodwill had for about $5.99...*smile* Everyone loved it!! We ate and drank and I had the extreme pleasure of dancing some of the night away with Lisa's brother..who's name I have to admit I keep forgetting...*giggle* (He'll probably read this and correct me next time I see him...sorry hon!!) He is really a wonderful dancer. And Cute Too!!! The best part of all of it is that out of all the T* girls in the place, he asked me...twice!! I was on top of the world!! I did notice that there were more guys and GG's there this time. Suzi and her wife and Jacqui and her GF both showed up, which was wonderful! Both of those SO's are just teriffic people!! I wonder how they've put up with the girls for so long...*smile* Anyway, we hung out until about 11:30 and headed home. The next day, I planned to meet Jacqui and Suzi in New Hope. I got to the hotel about the same time as Jacqui..who was already dressed and ready to go. We walked around town, stopping in a few of the shops. While in one shop, I found this old fashioned Coke machine. It cost $1 to buy a soda, but you had to buy a token. I gave them a dollar and they gave me a dime. Some trade!! *smile* The Coke was worth it!! Nothing like a soda in a glass bottle. We finally caught up with Suzi at a little bar then changed and headed to the Raven then to dinner. Suzi wanted to try this new restaurant in Lambertville (which is just over the bridge) and after driving around for about 20 minutes, realized they were closed. So we wound up at the Cartwheel, which was ok. Unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances, I was unable to stay at the Cart for more than about 30 minutes. Whereby I went back to the room, got changed and headed home. Was still a fun evening, as always, and great to finally see some of the girls again.