This page is information that was originally on the first page of my old website. it's things that have happened to me or that I thought were interesting...

July 3 '97

I've found in recent weeks how cruel and unfeeling some people can be towards the TG community. I was in work and all of them(except me) watch Jerry Springer on a regular basis. One night, they had a show...the name escapes me..but it was a young man who dresses as a woman and this young guy is in love with her and asks her to marry him..etc,etc. The thing that bothered me was that one of the guys I work with talked about this TV that walked into the department store where he used to work. And how everyone would laugh at her as she walked in. Then my co-workers started to laugh about how she was dressed and how could someone do that...I wanted to jump right in and defend her, but I didn't want to give anything away. I just sat at my computer, muttering under my breath about how awful they sounded.

August 8 '97

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the post office about a week or so ago.. I had sent pictures in a long time ago to a magazine in California called "Transformation". It's a magazine devoted to girls like us.. anyway I sent them in and totally forgot about them. All of a sudden, I start receiving letters in my P.O. Box...and that really freaked me out!! I thought "who would have my address"? So I asked both of them where they found me. They told me the pictures are being featured in a new magazine called "Transformation Coorespondence Club #3"!! It's pretty cool. The magazine is probably available at some book stores..the pictures of me are in the Little Black Dress, but they're a little different than the ones here. Don't know how good they are..I haven't seen the magazine yet. Another strange thing happened.. I received, a few days later, a very nice letter from one of the associate producers of the Jerry Springer show. (If you read above, the people that I work with are avid Jerry watchers) and he was interested in hearing from me. Now, no offense to anyone who watches or likes that show, but his audience treats his guests like freaks!! So, after talking to my lawyer(*giggle*) there was no way I was writting to them...but it was nice to be offered. Guess I've hit the big time,huh???

October 5 '97

Not much new is happening here..the new pictures are in and I hope everyone is enjoying them. I get a lot of e-mail from admireres and other ladies, but I recently got a letter that I thought people might like to see. A sister named JJ wrote it she says:

"I have been hanging out at the same places with the same friends for 20 years and keep JJ on the back burner. Whenever one of my friends sees a TV or if a TV is mentioned it is a big laugh, the guy is a fag or a queer. Here is a big one that I especially "love" that's sick, how can anybody blah blah blah. I love TVism and have loved it since I was a little boy. I have fun...It's too bad all the name callers will never be able to experience the feeling."

I think that's great..she's hit the nail right on the head. If only the people who call us these names and think these things about us were able to experience what we do... wouldn't that be great???!!

October 26 '97

An important stepping stone occured last night...I was invited to a Halloween party from my old department at work. I thought about it for days, first if I would go at all and then second, what I would wear. Finally, the decision was made...I was going, and I was going as Diana!! I did my makeup and got dressed then drove over to the party. Here's how I looked When I arrived, the hostess couldn't believe I looked so good and warned me that some men might attack me on the way home. Another told me that I have a better figure that she did. It made me feel great!! The party broke up about 1AM and this is where the fun started. I decided that I wasn't ready to go home, so I stopped for gasoline on the way. I used my best femme voice..and I was scared as hell. (There's no self-service in NJ) After he gave me my receipt, he said "have a nice night Ma'am". Feeling my new found freedom, I decided to get money from an ATM machine. I drove past my house to find one where I would actually have to get out of the car. Again, what a thrill!! Then I drove in circles before winding up at one of the Supermarkets in town. I fixed my makeup, gathered my courage and headed in. The sound of my 5" heels clicking on the floor was terrifying!! I knew people were looking at me. I grabbed a few items and went to the cashier. She was very nice..bagged them and put it in the cart. I'm sure she knew I wasn't a woman, but she never said it. Maybe she could tell just how nervous I really was. It was an exhilerating experience that I hope to have again. When I do, if I do at all, remains to be seen, but at least I had the oppurtunity for Diana to venture out beyond the confines of my usual four walls.

March 8 '97

Sorry it's been almost 5 months since updating my site, but for a while Diana was put on hold. She's back now and has new pictures to show for it!! They were taken yesterday and will be up in the next couple of days. I am also trying to reconfigure this site...(you're looking at the results)The pics take WAY too long to load so bear with me while I figure it out.

March 21 '97

The reconfiguring is done!! The only thing is the video reviews have been moved. While reading through these thoughts, retyping them, I've realized just how much I've grown in the last eight months. I've gone from someone who thought that she was the sexiest thing in the world with no makeup or wig, to a rather beautiful(ok, so I think so) lady who actually left the confines of her home every so often. Since that trip on Halloween, I have been out twice more. Never actually going anywhere though. I usually go out and put gas in the car and maybe stop somewhere else. The last story is actually kind of neat: I was out and decided that I needed some food for lunches for the week. I drove past at least 4 convience stores to realize that they were too crowded. I drove into one parking lot and saw two young ladies behind the counter..I thought about it a long time and decided to leave. As I left someone else pulled in, so I made the right choice. I drove to another store where a young man was the only one there. I walked in wearing the skirt set on the third page and went looking for some turkey lunchmeat...couldn't find any. I asked him,in my best femme voice, where it was. He then took me over to the section that has it. He explained to me where it was and which was which. Again, I'm sure he knew but never said it. I picked up the turkey and some soda, paid for it and left. I still have a momento of my my haste to leave I accidently picked up a Diet Pepsi instead of a regular Pepsi.*giggle* Oh well, live and learn I guess.

March 28 '97

What a night last night!! I'm still tired! A group of wonderful ladies from Donna's had a GIRLS NIGHT OUT and I was lucky enough to be invited. Talk about nervous...imagine driving 2 hours north to get together and go out with some people you've only talked to via the safety of your computer. But as soon as I got there, they put me at ease. I arrived at the motel room and Suzi(NJ), Patty(NY) and Gwen(NJ) were there already getting ready. We talked for about two hours before I even went to get dressed. It was an interesting sight. I still think it's funny watching them talk about painting their nails and what to wear. Eventually, I went and got dressed with a little constructive opinions from Janice(TV) and we were set to go. There were 6 of us to start with(Steffi(NC) showed up while I was getting dressed and we then went back to her room for a little trial and error of what she should wear. After all our work, it was decided that she should just continue wearing what she started with...*giggle*) and first stop was the restaurant in the club for dinner and wine and about 9pm things started hopping. In all, 10-12 girls showed up!! It was wonderful. We talked about just about everything.. We took tons of pictures(which will hopefully be on everyones sites soon) and just had so much fun. Next stop, at two in the morning, was a local diner that they had gone to last time they were together. Some HighSchool kids even had their pictures taken with us...we all expect to be on the front cover of their yearbook when it comes out...maybe we'll even get a copy..*smile* By the time we were finished, we were all so tired, it was hugs all around and time to sleep. I was really sorry to see it end. The only bad part of the entire trip was my usual bad sense of direction. I went the wrong way on one of the roads to get home and instead of two hours, it took an extra 45 mins. Something bad had to happen, at least that was it...

April 12 '98

First of all, Happy Holidays to all my readers!!!

(that's for Passover or Easter)

ok...I have a small problem that I want to get off my chest. I have been, for the past many months, hanging out at Donna's Den chatting with some very wonderful people and being bombarded by private messages(PM's) from people with tired old pickup lines. So, I decided to run an experiment. What I have been doing is signing on to the chat room with the phrase "No Lewd PM's Please" after my name. Since doing this, the PM's have stopped and no one is trying to pick me up anymore. Believe me...I DON'T MIND!! but it got me to thinking. The guys are mostly there to pick up least that's my impression.. and a lot of the girls are there to chat and meet other ladies to share ideas and experiences...again, my impression. So where does that leave us? Some of you may say.."Well, if that's how you feel, go hang out in the Pink Room", but all the people I want to talk to are in the TG chat. Now don't get me wrong, I totally understand what you guys are going through and thinking. When I was going to college (way back in the mid 80's), we had a computer system similar to the internet called BITNET. It allowed you to talk to people in other schools...and I myself, set up a meeting with a young lady from a school in Mass. (She never showed up, by the way). But there must be a way to work around the lust of the guys and the reluctance of the "ladies". Just my thoughts, I guess...

On a better note, pictures were just added from the Girls Night Out(See March 28). They actually turned out better then I thought they would...

April 16 '98

I had my final photo session of the season on Monday are already loaded. It turned into a B&D session which I willingly participated in..*smile* Actually, it's been a fantasy of mine for sometime and he wrote me a letter asking to do it. I was tied to a chair, on the floor and to my bed..that was the best part. I can't show all the pictures, as some of them are a bit risque..It was nice to be able to act out a fantasy in a safe enviornment with someone who you trust. This will have to tide me over until the summer....Diana is starting her hibernation. This doesn't mean that she may not reappear somewhere in the middle of the summer, but for all intents and purposes, I'm done until September.

May 19 '98

A note before I start...Had a problem with the site recently. My video reviews page was shut down. I have since sent an e-mail to Geocities trying to find out why but have had no response. Anyone who reads this who knows how to contact them via e-mail, please let me know. It was done with no notification to me, so I would really like to know what happened.

Now on to better things: Just when you thought it was over...

This past weekend, I was invited by PattyAnn(NY) and Suzi(NJ) to go to New York City dressed for the evening. What a fabulous time!!! Even getting stuck in traffic at the Holland Tunnel is fun when you're dressed... We went to this wonderful club called Karalyn's. It's a bar/restaurant exclusively for T* girls and admirers!! Some professional girls happened to come by so the DJ made an announcement that there will be no illicit drugs or covert prostitution allowed...Only in NYC. *giggle* Paid for it the next day though...didn't go to bed until 4AM, then woke up early and went home.....I think I'm still tired, but will definitely do it again in the fall.....

June 7 '98

It's back again!!! Since Geocities raised the amount of space on the webpages, I am finally able to reinstate the VIDEO REVIEWS page!! Fixed it today and it should be accessable from anywhere on my site. As always, I am delighted to review any films that you would like to see here and please e-mail me if you would like it done. Also let me know what you think of them..

June 16 '98

Just when you thought it was over-Part 2

It's way too early in the morning to be doing this, but I wanted to do it while it was still fresh in my mind...Old age, the mind isn't what it used to be. Last night, the Jersey Girls were out and about at the Cartwheel in New Hope, PA. They have a drag show on Monday nights. Arrived about 7:30pm to an empty hotel room. Since I was later than I thought, the girls left me there to my own devices. Suzi had left me two outfits to try and a black long sleeve blouse and a wrap skirt were what I wore and drove off to the club where 8 others were waiting. I saw ladies I knew, along with some new friends and we even ran into another Donna's Den girl while there(Melissa from Philly). As I said, they have a drag show every Monday and our dear PattyAnn decided that she was going to perform...and she was great!!! She got wonderful applause and compliments from everyone! We all stood around and chatted and went out on to the deck(which was muggy as hell) for conversation. My best part of the night was at the end.. A very nice gentleman came over to our group and talked with us for a while. He and I spent a lot of time talking about dressing and what Diana is like and all that stuff. They were kicking us out around 2AM when he asked me if I'd like to dance before we left. Now I'm not a great dancer in male dress much less Diana who's never danced before in her life. We got on to the floor to slow dance..and he was terrific!! He was very careful and even told me a few times that he loved the way that I felt in his arms...*sigh* I had a little trouble remembering not to lead though... We kissed goodbye and I gave him my website address and hope to hear from him again. It was another of my fantasies finally put to reality. All I want to know is...why do I always meet these men at the end of the night?????????????

September 19 '98

The season is once again upon us and like a flower after a long winters snow, Diana has once again bloomed and is back among us. We had our first and I have to say BIGGEST OUTING's actually still going on today, but I had to come home due to prior commitments. Patty, Suzi, Gwen and I met at a local mall and after dropping off two of the four cars, we headed to Newark airport to pick up Gabrielle who was coming in on a flight from Atlanta. The flight, it seems,was cancelled and since we didn't know her real name, had no idea what was going on. We went and had some lunch at a nice little Italian restaurant that Suzi knows (we ordered Meatloaf, Shrimp and Corned Beef..go figure) headed back to the airport. Since Patty was the only one who knew what Gabrielle looked like, we sent her into the terminal to wait for her. The rest of us waited and Gabrielle found us. Guess it takes one to spot one,right?? We then drove to New York and stayed at the Holiday Inn near Chinatown. I have to say before continuing that the hotel treated us wonderfully!!! I suppose they must have seen everything and we girls didn't phase them one bit! Little by little, the others showed up including Herman and Deb, who drove in from Cleveland with tons of clothes and makeup, Cassidy, Tiffany and her girlfriend, and Jackie. After everyone got ready(including Suzi, finally!! *smile*) the hotel called some cars for us so that we could go to Lipps. The place is nice and not really expensive but they snuck a few things into the check that we didn't the $5 cover charge and tip. When we arrived, Sue(NJ)(on her third martini)and her friend Joan were already there.. ...All the waitresses were in Drag and there was a "White Trash" show that was a lot of fun!! We left and were off to Androgony for our fashion showing. Herman, Suzi, Patty and I went back to the hotel and picked out an outfit that we wanted to wear. Seems Suzi and Patty picked the same one... a beautiful silver lamme dress. I got to wear a very very very short flowered robe. We walked the two blocks to the club and we wound up taking over the place!! We spent the entire night talking, shooting pool, and listening to Elvis tunes on the jukebox much to the dismay of Patty who picked 5 songs that never got played. The party broke up around 1AM and after going over to the room, and not being able to find anywhere else to go, headed back to Androgony. In the meantime, I had changed back into my dress and borrowed a beautiful brown wig from Suzi. Patty and Deb spent the entire night playing songs on the jukebox and dancing with each other. We stayed until about 3AM and then, sore feet and all, made our way back to the hotel. We rode up to the room with one of the guys from the hotel..again nothing seems to phase these guys. "Good evening, ladies." "Did everyone have a nice time at the club?" that sort of small talk. All in all an incredible time..and it's only half over. The girls are heading to Karalyn's tonight and who knows what type of mischief they can get themselves into??? *smile*

October 19 '98

What a busy month it's been...and it's all happened in the last few days. I finally managed to get a day off from work and Suzi convinced me to meet her for a day out en-fem. Wow... we met at the local mall and got her stuff out of storage and checked into this fleabag motel. It was so dumpy... (how dumpy was it??) It was so dumpy that we took pictures in front of dumpster to prove it. *smile* They had adult movies scrambled (badly) on the television for your pleasure. We got dressed and headed over to Ginger's store..I was going to go shopping..but we wound up just talking up a storm. We then went to the Raven, a straight restaurant that is very T* friendly in New Hope PA. Have to tell you, the food is FABULOUS!! We met Gwen there, briefly, and wanted to try our luck shopping, but the streets were way too crowded and we chickened out. Went back to the room and took a bunch of pictures and went home.

I had my first photo session of the new season last Thursday night(10-15). I was lucky enough to borrow two wonderful outfits from Jackie for this of which was a bunny outfit... What a thrill that was..and he really enjoyed it. We also decided to be daring and shot an hours worth of video tape of us together. It starts off with me in that black skaters outfit that is on my page and then ends up with me being tied with my hands behind my back in my maid's uniform. Great fun!!! Keep may be on sale soon...*smile*.

On another note, I have again revamped my website to try to make it faster and easier. I've created another page which lists my times out and have added new backgrounds to some of the picture pages. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'm trying to make this as enjoyable for you to look at, as it was for me to put together.

January 24 '99

Well, it took long enough, but here I am again. Nothing much has been uneventful trip to New Hope back in November...until today!! Thanks to Patty Ann, I have returned (pretty much) unscathed from another of her fabulous outings to New York City. If you ever get the oppotunity to go.. DON'T MISS IT!! It's a wonderful chance to get out and meet all those gals that you spend so many hours chatting with at Debbie's Den. It started Friday afternoon. Picked up my wig from this shop near home and headed on the 1 1/2 hour drive to the Quality Inn in Jersey City for the meet. I got there a bit early so I checked in and found Patty in her room with Dana Gene(from California) and Krystal(from New Hampshire). We chatted for a while when the Nail Goddess (Suzi...and that's her phrase, not mine..*smile*) showed up. I had planned on doing a photo shoot with one of the other girls but she never made it. So I shaved and eventually got dressed and met the other girls back in Patty's room. What a group...besides the forementioned gals, Eve(NJ), Jennigrrl(CA), Rochelle and Fran(KS) were there as well as Tiffany and Ruthie(both of whom we've met at the Cartwheel many times..). Patty took us to this wonderful Italian restaurant called Ecco I'talia. It's basically a straight restaurant that accepts T* girls. When we arrived, Shad(NY) was already there and we sat and talked and drank. Even if you're not going out dressed somewhere, the food is terrific and they have a small band that plays while you eat. It sort of reminded me as being at a wedding or a bar mitzvah. After that, we took a ride over to Androgny and continued to spend the night talking, drinking and meeting people. I've realized that most of the guys at these places, even if they're not getting any action, are still nice enough to keep talking to you after you say no. *smile* I spent a very nice time at the bar chatting with a gentleman who proceeded to tell me about his sessions with this shrink. Wonderful after dinner conversation..*smile* We left, exhausted, at 4:00AM and went to sleep. The only damper of the whole night was the weather. I had just, that morning, gotten my wig styled and by the time I got to the restaurant, it was already messed up beyond repair. Sometimes I wonder why I bother..*smile*

The next morning, there was a brunch one made it since a time to meet was never given. People went their seperate ways so Suzi and I decided to have breakfast in the hotel restaurant..she was en-fem...I wasn't. We sat down and the waitress came right over..told us a really dirty joke..and we had something to eat. It was really nice and they had an old trolley car parked right in the restaurant. I took a pic of Suzi on it and really wanted one myself, but it was too late by the time we got back from the club that night. We then proceeded to a salvation army store('cause I don't spend more than $6 for a dress..*smile*) and then into New York itself. We drove in circles trying to find them but eventually we hit the two big stores there "Lee's Mardi Gras Boutique" (a T* warehouse where you have to ring a bell to be let in- they were so nice there...) and "Patricia Field's" (a bit too wild for me- they have rubber pants and stuff like that). I bought a pair of gloves at Lee's and Suzi bought a new dress and some makeup at Patricia's. She also talked briefly to Patty's friend Alan..who is as gorgeous as Patty says. We seemed to have just missed those two (Patty and Jenn) everywhere we went. Needless to say that we gave Patty an earful when we returned especially when we found she was sleeping when we got back!! We fixed ourselves up and headed to Patty's room for out next dinner at The Silver Swan restaurant. This place actually becomes Karalyn's around 10:00 so we didn't have to leave the place. I decided to be daring and wear this new sleeveless dress with my new gloves and my painful red shoes..(It was a red dress weekend for me). In addition to yesterdays group, our pal Gwen(NJ) and Sue showed up. The dinner was uneventful...the service was awful...and the flashbulbs were poppin'! We managed to get our group picture before a bunch of the gals went to Tranny Chasers, another bar, where Patty was doing the drag show. I heard ('cause I wasn't there) that she did great,but didn't win. Oh well...practice practice practice. Anyway, I spend most of the night trying to stop my feet from hurting and just chatting with a few different guys. I had a very long conversation with a nice gentleman about cigars..*smile* Anyway, party broke up again at 4AM after Patty made her way back and we went to the hotel, but not before Patty almost went the wrong way down a one way street. That's our girl...always on the ball...*smile* I wasn't really sleepy and Eve(NJ) helped me take a few more pictures in the hotel. I think the security guard looked a bit confused when we walked through...*smile* The pics should be here by later on this week. I'm a bit burnt out, but can't wait for the next time....

February 23 '99

I couldn't wait for the next time, so here it is. Last night was the last monday in February so we decided to meet once again at the Cartwheel in New Hope. I actually had the day off so I was able to get to the room early and just relax rather than driving the really awful winding road to town at night...which I hate! Got to the room and Eve(NJ) and Patty were already there and DRESSED. I took a few pics for Eve and then got dressed myself. We had the pleasure of meeting Heather from Philly who was coming on her first outing with us...unfortunatly she looked better than I did.. We got to the restaurant and finally had a chance to see Carrie Ann, then had dinner which was pretty uneventful. We did get approached by a woman who has a lingerie shop in Pennsylvania, who is just starting out and was looking for places to sell her stuff and models. We, of course, pulled our cards out right away. She was even nice enough to buy us a round of after dinner drinks. The Cartwheel is a nice place, but it's no Karalyn's so I usually just sit there and chat with the girls and try not to get picked up. The highlight of the evening...I managed to set myself on fire. No Kidding!! The dress I was wearing had furred sleeves. When I reached over to grab a napkin, my sleeve caught on fire. It was more startling than anything else...funny now though. I almost did it again with the other hand too. The bartender, not one to miss a beat said "We burn witches in New Hope, you know!" To make matters worse, Ginger then walks over and says that something smells like burning rat hair. I quickly held up my sleeve and left it at that. I tried my hand at pool...but obviously didn't learn my lesson from our first NYC outing as I played horribly. Patty wanted to perform in the show, but for some reason they had the finals going on so she didn't get to...bummer! Around midnight, I caught a ride back to the motel with Eve and Heather, and since I wasn't feeling well anyway, went right to sleep. As I said, the Cartwheel is no Karalyn's but it's still a great way to get out during the month and see all the girls again. I should hopefully have pictures soon. I only took 8 out of a roll of 24 so they may take a while to be posted...