Well here it was. The moment we all waited for!
All the gals decided that we needed another trip to the Big Apple. Patty went all out setting up the plans and gals came from all over the country to play.
She did a wonderful job...

Special thanks to Suzi for reducing the size of these pics for me..

Click on the pic to see the full size

We were eating quietly at a wonderful Italian restaurant..and that's when the pics started..
left to right: Eve(NJ), Rochelle, Jennifer(CA) and our hostess for the evening,Patty

Suzi and I ...we got caught in the rain on the way in..I melted, she didn't.

We then braved the elements...and I braved my shoes *ouch!!*...and headed over to Andrgny's
I hung out for a long time with the out of town gals...they were great fun! The group's already trying to plan a trip to San Francisco..
left to right: Jennifer(CA), Fran(KS), Krystal(NH) and Dana Gene(CA)
I guess Jenn hasn't recovered from her flight yet...*smile*
Krystal, That Gal in Red and Dana Gene in the back.

The next night..we did it again. Started with dinner at the Silver Swan, then it turned into Karalyn's..
Here we are again.."just me and my shadow.." Neat gloves, though

People kind of did their own thing..but I did manage to catch these two girls...Wonder what she's saying??
Eve(NJ) and the beautiful Ginger

Now you know we HAD to take a group picture. And I had to coordinate it again..*sigh*
left to right:
backrow:some guy with Gwen(NJ), Krystal, Jennigrrl(CA), Eve, Tiffany & Ruthie, Denise
second row: Suzi(NJ), Patty(NY) our cruise director, Dana Gene(CA) and Eve(NJ)
kneeling: Fran(KS), Sue(NJ), Ginger(NJ) and Yours Truely

Well..it's 4AM when we took these pictures, and even though I should know better, my vanity took over again..
Eve was nice enough to take these for me. This is on one of the stools at Karalyn's. Now you can see why my feet hurt..

I love roses...so I took one out of the vase and sat down on a speaker..just moments before they were about to move it..*smile*

We all went back and Eve was kind enough to take some more pics for me downstairs in the hotel.. We got some strange looks from the security guard upstairs..

Hey...you drink like a fish..you eventually have to go,right? *smile* Eve thought I was nuts...

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