A Night At

The season has just begun...and what better way to start it off than with some of the most wonderful girls on the planet in New York City....

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Me, Gwen, Jackie, Suzi and Sue at Lipps for dinner before the club..

Suzi, Gabrielle, Me, Jackie and the two GG's on the couch...That's Herman in the mirror trying to get the camera to work..

Another couch picture. The most popular spot of the night. Jackie, Herman (that lucky guy), Deb, Gwen, and Gabrielle

It's the Battle of the Sexes in Pool...I think the girls won

There was a showing of Herman's fashions at the club..Guess Suzi and Patty are trying to be twins..No imagination!!!

And here's what I wore..not only imaginative, but Gutsy!!

Later in the evening..I changed and came back...tried a new hairstyle too.

Here's the whole crew...

L to R Back Row: Deb(head turned),Cassidy, Gwen, Jackie, Gabrielle, Suzi, and Tiffany

L to R Front Row: Patty, Sue, Me, and Ruthie

For complete info on the evening's activity, except for the dirty stuff, check out My Thoughts page

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