These are the pictures from my first night out with the girls on March 27th. Thanks to Suzi, Gwen, Janice and Patty for a wonderful time!!!! Also thanks to Janice for the pictures!!!

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Holding the wall up after a long and exciting evening.

What cute??? I'm trying to put my &%*#@ shoe back on!!!

The real me...all smiles!!! but my feet were killing me...

At the restaurant before the club... Suzi, Gwen and That girl in the Red dress (who let her in???)

GROUP PORTRAIT!!! (l to r) Suzi, Ginger, Stefi and the Ugly Duckling...*smile*

CINDERELLA AND THE THREE STEP SISTERS... (l to r) Janice, Ginger, her(again) and Suzi

For the full details on the night out, and my little directional mishap, you can check under March 28th on My Thoughts Page

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